Spelling_wardrobe Rush Project

This was a very fun project for my friend's shop.
They're selling girly dresses.
Now is on Instagram @spelling_wardrobe
You may like these super cute dresses.

For this project was really rushed and hadn't much time for photo shoot.
And I know I'm not a professional photographer
But I just took them from my vision without any theories of photoshoot.
On that day we weren't ready for the light. I've had only my camera, flash
and the natural light at my room. 
But we also had the good shots (I think..)
Really fun and really enjoyed it.
So, Let's take a look at some shots of us. xx


This super light picture was a mistake. 
But I really like it! 

 Model is Amp :)
(and also she is the owner with the other one is Wean)
Makeup/Hairstyling/Photo By Sarudalimited